Hey all.

I decided to start this little site to keep track of all things epic. Hopefully this will make the game easier and more fun for everyone. I’ll work on the formatting if/when I feel like it- feel free to improve it yourself if you like, and email me the result.

The first stop you’ll want to make is the story thus far. This page will be updated after every session, so if you miss one, be sure to check it out. I’ll also update the house rules page whenever I make a ruling that needs to be applied consistantly. There’s only one entry in there at the moment, have a look and let me know if there’s anything I forgot.

Before we start, I want, at a minimum
  1. A character sheet, either physical or virtual. If you can’t be bothered copying your sheet, give me your original and I’ll give it back to you at the start of the session. Shameless plug: as a member of the PCGen dev team, I can help you whip up a dynamic, auto-calculated charsheet using PCGen.
  2. A barebones backstory. This should include the basics: Your name, what you do with your time, how you came to be 15th level, how you met your co-conspiritors, and why you are conspiring against the rightful rulers of the kingdom. I hope that everyone will find the inspiration for a full background over the course of the game.
  3. Some NPC friends/relatives/lovers/children that I can impale, like worms, on plot hooks The first session was on Friday the 16th, from 20:00 to 24:00. That session confirmed my decision to ask for charsheets beforehand. Please please please, show me your character sheet before we start (at least 24 hours).

Character Generation Rules: 28 point buy, standard starting gold for the party’s level (200 000GP at level 15, more when we’ve played for a bit) of which no more than 1/3 may be spent on any one item. Any and all races, classes and templates are allowed, from all official sources, with the exception of the planar shepherd, hulking hurler, and vile PrCs, and the paragon and greater pseudonatural templates. If you want to create a class/race/template, or use an unofficial one from the Gleemax boards or something, talk to me. Custom items are also allowed, using the formulae in the DMG. You may roll your HP yourself- anyone who cheats at this is just too silly for words. If everyone has more HP than the expected value, we’ll have to reroll, that’s all.

Party level is 17

Fall of Alba

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