Fall of Alba

Session 5

Session 5

Upon the slaying of this beast, and the praise of the townsfolk, which is always enough, Drake buggered off and got lost on his own plane of existence and the monk disappeared to be poor; they’ve been replaced by a hulking half-ogre brute with a vicious disdain for rampant and vile magicks, and a cunning battle sorcerer, with an affection for rays.

These two boarded a ship for the Midlands, and their boat passed through an enchanted patch of ocean… within a few nights otherplanar beings arrived, who were slewn promptly. After the crew abandoned ship, the two made their way across blasted sands. Thereupon they were set upon by a trio of colossal scorpions. Afterwards, to examine a Keep, they were ambushed by a rampaging Bullete and much of their loot were pinched by an incredibly sneaky thief. The end



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