Fall of Alba

Session 1

Session 1 The troupe arrives at the High Priest of Lathander for a supper to discuss the goings of King Alastair. In the midst of our dining, we were rudely interrupted by the goons of the newly appointed. After a daring escape and chase escapade, we found ourselves in the neighbouring city-state of Madiem. The entire region appeared edgy and on the defensive: we then discovered the cause… once again the undead have risen to terrorize the living. However, this time it seems about it off: this time they’re too powerful, randomly appearing as though through a rift. Regardless, we’ve been temporarily employed by the Chancellor to vanquish this stain. Apparently, the local graveyard, mausoleum, and crypt have all been checked to no avail. So, with that in mind, we must expunge this threat ourselves, with no leads and no information. However, should we do so, we’ll solidify an ally against the boy-king. -Drake Jericho



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