Fall of Alba

Session 3

Session 3 -From the journals of Dak Firestorm

Entry 1575: I awoke this morning in a church to an unfamiliar deity, this not an uncommon occurrence. I am given to understand that the beast we fought last night had driven me insane, I’m glad I’ve made such a swift recovery. I often wonder at why so many of the pious feel compelled to not have enjoyable breakfasts, as though a good haunch of meat and a stiff drink will cause you to lose touch with dogma. Drake tells me that the source of the undead that plague this land is in the castle itself, the king’s chambers no less, well we must go about asking the king about this problem.

Entry 1576: This Drake fellow is an interesting sort, he attempts to examine things through magically enhanced vision only to recoil from it screaming something about the brightness or how his eyes pain him only to turn around half minute later and try this examination again. I suppose this may be the difference men of learning and men of action.

The King’s son it seems died not a week before our arrival in this city and the King himself had brought about the undead plague in his attempts to return him to this plane. He returned most certainly, twisted and rotting and rather intent on killing us, well after some beating about the bush and chasing at phantoms the fiend was laid low. The King was most distressed at this, and proved inconsolable. We made our quiet exit and enjoyed a rather pleasant dinner.

Entry 1577: The sky was such a lovely shad of pink this dawn, we secured transit aboard a small cargo vessel heading for the island to the south, with the plan to book passage from their to the north, and make our way to our point of origin and begin the work of overthrowing a tyrant.

Our voyage was interrupted at mid-day with attack by pirates, I must compliment their captain, a hardy fellow he was. After the excitement that was battering them into submission our voyage continued smoothly.

Upon arrival at our destination, we came to discover that the island is under the threat of a fleet of such brigands and will soon arrive to sack the city and strip of all it valuables, we have of course volunteered our aid and have begun preparation for the siege ( wait if it’s on water isn’t it a blockade? Why must everything have a new word for it the second it’s on the water?)



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