Fall of Alba

The set-up

It wasn't so long ago that times were good in the Kingdom of Alba. The harvests came in nice and regular, the gods were content, and everyone more or less got along. That was until the old King, bless his immortal soul, up and died on us two winters ago. I don't think anyone really liked his son, now the good king Aleister (may he live long and prosper), but rules is rules, and he was the firstborn son. Everyone seems to think there's something queer about him. Some say he hates the responsabilities he's got, and his father for giving us to him. Some go so far as to claim that he worships the Old One. No matter the reason, things have gone down the shitter, if you'll pardon my language, ever since he came along. First it was the war with Selwynne. No-one quite knew why we should go to war, but the King said it was important, and somehow there was never a lack of people to support him in the streets, in the taverns and in the courts. Then it was the harvest- with all our mages and farmers off fighting the war, there was no-one to water the crops or bring them in. Then, when the mobs were starting to get real ugly, he managed to find enough troops to fill the capitol city up to the brim, which shut the malcontents up real quick. Not even the barons say much anymore, and his siblings are nowhere to be found. It's fall now, and the weather is a lot like the mood around here: dark, grey, and drizzling. There's talk of famine before the winter's through. The High Priest thinks his buddies can help us out of this mess. Me, I don't know what a bunch of adventurers can do against the Kingdom of Alba, but at this point I'll take any port in a storm. -Michael Short, manservant to His Grace James the Third, High Priest of Lathander. Your party has been invited to dine with the High Priest of Lathander. It is suggested that you show up with your best clothes, and manners.



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