Fall of Alba

Session 5

Session 5

Upon the slaying of this beast, and the praise of the townsfolk, which is always enough, Drake buggered off and got lost on his own plane of existence and the monk disappeared to be poor; they’ve been replaced by a hulking half-ogre brute with a vicious disdain for rampant and vile magicks, and a cunning battle sorcerer, with an affection for rays.

These two boarded a ship for the Midlands, and their boat passed through an enchanted patch of ocean… within a few nights otherplanar beings arrived, who were slewn promptly. After the crew abandoned ship, the two made their way across blasted sands. Thereupon they were set upon by a trio of colossal scorpions. Afterwards, to examine a Keep, they were ambushed by a rampaging Bullete and much of their loot were pinched by an incredibly sneaky thief. The end

Session 4

Session 4

The intrepid Drake Jericho and his companions, a the notable Dragon Shaman and the Vow of Poverty Monk, fought off an attack by pirates, whose ship they nearly set sail on. Upon these rocking waves, the trio became caught up in a buccaneer invasion of pirating proportions. After landing on the doomed isle, it turned out that these heroes were the peoples’ last hope of resisting tyranny at the hands of marauding sea-bandits.

After three days of preparation and girding for battle, the boats flecked the horizon and our heroes engaged a Storm Giant Were-Roc and his minions; a diabolic leviathan that pressed the limits of cunning and strength, magic and steel that our heroes brought to bear.

Session 3

Session 3 -From the journals of Dak Firestorm

Entry 1575: I awoke this morning in a church to an unfamiliar deity, this not an uncommon occurrence. I am given to understand that the beast we fought last night had driven me insane, I’m glad I’ve made such a swift recovery. I often wonder at why so many of the pious feel compelled to not have enjoyable breakfasts, as though a good haunch of meat and a stiff drink will cause you to lose touch with dogma. Drake tells me that the source of the undead that plague this land is in the castle itself, the king’s chambers no less, well we must go about asking the king about this problem.

Entry 1576: This Drake fellow is an interesting sort, he attempts to examine things through magically enhanced vision only to recoil from it screaming something about the brightness or how his eyes pain him only to turn around half minute later and try this examination again. I suppose this may be the difference men of learning and men of action.

The King’s son it seems died not a week before our arrival in this city and the King himself had brought about the undead plague in his attempts to return him to this plane. He returned most certainly, twisted and rotting and rather intent on killing us, well after some beating about the bush and chasing at phantoms the fiend was laid low. The King was most distressed at this, and proved inconsolable. We made our quiet exit and enjoyed a rather pleasant dinner.

Entry 1577: The sky was such a lovely shad of pink this dawn, we secured transit aboard a small cargo vessel heading for the island to the south, with the plan to book passage from their to the north, and make our way to our point of origin and begin the work of overthrowing a tyrant.

Our voyage was interrupted at mid-day with attack by pirates, I must compliment their captain, a hardy fellow he was. After the excitement that was battering them into submission our voyage continued smoothly.

Upon arrival at our destination, we came to discover that the island is under the threat of a fleet of such brigands and will soon arrive to sack the city and strip of all it valuables, we have of course volunteered our aid and have begun preparation for the siege ( wait if it’s on water isn’t it a blockade? Why must everything have a new word for it the second it’s on the water?)

Session 2

Session 2 We were joined by the final member of our party this morning and though despite his size, appearance and somewhat ungodly tenacity to frighten the women and children, his strength was a greatly needed ally. We began our search for the source of these undead uprisings at the tower where our good, if misguided, friend the Chancellor resides. It was our intent to find something belonging to the Prince so that we might have scryed on his position with the help of the city’s clerics. Alas, no sooner had we received a pair of the Prince’s boots (a rather suspicious item indeed, for while I’ve never known many princes in my lifetime, I’ve known fewer that have ventured out of the castle without a pair strapped firmly to his feet) we were attacked by two great black monsters who seemed perfectly fine to simply fly above us for a great deal of time and release their wicked spells from above. After seeing their tactics I wonder if it might have gone through their limited minds that we were not the sort of people to pick on. We dispatched the monsters, and in light of a sudden shock to the system I was revived shortly after I had received a mighty blow from… something much resembling a dog-man, though now that I think on it, our fourth party member, despite how he looks, would never betray us as to crush his own friends.

In any case, we received new information from the Chancellor after the battle after some careful scrutiny of his words and discovered that the Prince was long since gone from the Kingdom and that the King had locked himself away in his room. Far be it for me to be worthy of scrutinizing a ruler of a country, but in this sort of crisis, should the King not take a stand and defend his country instead of hiding away? Those were my thoughts in venturing to the King’s quarters, though we were denied access by the guards standing watch. It did not help matters that we were not able to enter the Prince’s chambers either, for if we did manage to get in, we could bring proof to the people of the city that the Prince had disappeared and perhaps find out who was behind these horrid undead appearances.

After a short flight to perhaps catch a glimpse of any life within the King’s and Prince’s chamber windows a great amount of chaos broke out in the streets below and I and the rest of the party immediately set out for the east gate where we were attacked by a ghostly figure that wailed hideously and without cessation. It was shortly after our arrival that I must have lost my head for a moment because I can’t seem to remember anything that went on during the battle, though our Wizard did wake up with several fist shaped bruises on his face. If I was to blame, though I suspect I was not, he must have had it coming.

Now we are only left with more questions. The Prince is gone; the King remains. Are these attacks the result of the Prince, summoning them from the other realms to seek revenge on his father for a reason that still eludes me? Is the King responsible and is he the one that got rid of the Prince in the first place? What is the deal with that Wizard’s creepy snake coiled around his arm? I mean really? Does he think it looks cool?

I shall find out soon enough I suppose, in this same bloody town, with the same bloody people. From the Inner Monologues of Monk Maverick of the Yellow Rose

Session 1

Session 1 The troupe arrives at the High Priest of Lathander for a supper to discuss the goings of King Alastair. In the midst of our dining, we were rudely interrupted by the goons of the newly appointed. After a daring escape and chase escapade, we found ourselves in the neighbouring city-state of Madiem. The entire region appeared edgy and on the defensive: we then discovered the cause… once again the undead have risen to terrorize the living. However, this time it seems about it off: this time they’re too powerful, randomly appearing as though through a rift. Regardless, we’ve been temporarily employed by the Chancellor to vanquish this stain. Apparently, the local graveyard, mausoleum, and crypt have all been checked to no avail. So, with that in mind, we must expunge this threat ourselves, with no leads and no information. However, should we do so, we’ll solidify an ally against the boy-king. -Drake Jericho

The set-up

It wasn't so long ago that times were good in the Kingdom of Alba. The harvests came in nice and regular, the gods were content, and everyone more or less got along. That was until the old King, bless his immortal soul, up and died on us two winters ago. I don't think anyone really liked his son, now the good king Aleister (may he live long and prosper), but rules is rules, and he was the firstborn son. Everyone seems to think there's something queer about him. Some say he hates the responsabilities he's got, and his father for giving us to him. Some go so far as to claim that he worships the Old One. No matter the reason, things have gone down the shitter, if you'll pardon my language, ever since he came along. First it was the war with Selwynne. No-one quite knew why we should go to war, but the King said it was important, and somehow there was never a lack of people to support him in the streets, in the taverns and in the courts. Then it was the harvest- with all our mages and farmers off fighting the war, there was no-one to water the crops or bring them in. Then, when the mobs were starting to get real ugly, he managed to find enough troops to fill the capitol city up to the brim, which shut the malcontents up real quick. Not even the barons say much anymore, and his siblings are nowhere to be found. It's fall now, and the weather is a lot like the mood around here: dark, grey, and drizzling. There's talk of famine before the winter's through. The High Priest thinks his buddies can help us out of this mess. Me, I don't know what a bunch of adventurers can do against the Kingdom of Alba, but at this point I'll take any port in a storm. -Michael Short, manservant to His Grace James the Third, High Priest of Lathander. Your party has been invited to dine with the High Priest of Lathander. It is suggested that you show up with your best clothes, and manners.


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