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House Rules:

  1. Death by massive damage will not be in effect. We should all be doing at least 50 damage per hit, and I, for one, can’t be bothered rolling that many fort saves.
  2. Mega-crits: For every threat you roll confirming a crit threat, your crit multiplier goes up by one- i.e. a roll of 19-18-hit with a rapier results in 3x normal damage, while 20-20-miss results in x2 as usual. I’m going to stay away from insta-kills for now.
  3. If you miss (a) session(s), when you return you get the average party XP gained over the session(s) you missed. I hope this allows people to miss sessions without huge penalties, while still giving me leeway to give meaningful bonus XP for RP, smarts, etc. That said, please don’t show up and muddle about leveling while the rest of us are playing/waiting to play.

Loot Stash Thus Far (recorded by Felinix)

Money / Goods: 287,520 gp

Weapons: +1 Keen Rapier, +1 Keen Dagger, +1 Rapier (x5), +1 Crossbow (x5), +3 Spiked Chain, +2 Flaming Burst Rapier, +1 Frost Dagger, +2 Deflecting Longsword (cannot read shorthand of other abilities), +1 Greatsword (x4), Mighty (+10) Longbow (x4),

Armors: +2 Buckler (x5), +2 Mithril Chain Shirt, +2 Leather Armor, Shirt of Chains, Mithril Breastplate, +5 Moderate Fortification Breastplate, Breastplate (x4),

Enhancement Items: Ring of Protection +1 (x6), Ring of Protection +2 (x2), Amulet of Natural Armor +2 (x2) (one shaped like a human hand), Amulet of Natural Armor +3, Cloak of Resistance +2, Cloak of Resistance +3, Gloves of Dexterity +2 (x2), Rogue’s Vest, Bracers of Armor +5,

Ioun Stones: Pearly White, Dusty Rose

Handy Things: Glove of Storing, Ring of Sustenance, Circlet of Persuasion, Rod of Reversal, Wand of Dispel Magic (10 charges), Rod of Metamagic Enlarge, Mithril Bells (x2), Pearl of Power 4th, Demolition Crystal (Lesser), Gloves of Spell Disruption, Ring of Piercing Spells, Eye of Boccob, Crystal of Adaptation (Greater), Cube of Force, Ring of Second Chances, Rod of Metamagic Sculpting (Greater),

Mundane / Less Useful / Other: Potion of Greater Magic Fang +3, Potion of Gaseous Form, Scroll of Darkness, Scroll of Windwall, Small Steel Mirror, 3 Smokesticks, Gnome Illusionist’s Spellbook, Silver Holy Symbol (God of Death or something)

Erujin would like to lay claim to the following: Pearl of Power—> only if it can be ‘modified’ to the equivalent amount of PP as per a cognizance crystal. Dusty Rose Ioun stone—> yay insight? Ring of Second Chances—> maybe?

The rest pretty much doesn’t apply to me… until we bump into Mr. McPsionMerchant.

Main Page

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